Marian Hill is getting a ton of notice these days thanks to their slinky single "Down" being used in Apple's first AirPods headphones, earning the jazz-electronic duo a Top 40 hit. The pair continued spreading their sound this past week at Shaun White's Air + Style 2017 festival where they talked to Fuse about the fest, working with Lauren Jauregui and finding out who they were as musicians.

"Our sound really started from 'Whiskey,' which is the first song we made together," producer/keyboardist Jeremy Lloyd shares of initially navigating Marian Hill with Samantha Gongol. "We kind of stumbled into it. I just happened to have a hip-hop beat on my computer, I was making a bunch of different beats, and I played that one for Sam. We started writing the song to it and it turned into this thing really liked, but we weren't sure if it was anything. We sent it out to the Internet, and people were really responding to it and wanted more."



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